Universal Heartbeat book

Universal Heartbeat –
Drumming, Spirit And Community

In modern American life, there has been growing interest in community drumming over the past two decades. Many feel that drumming offers a blend of old and new ways that has the potential to effect deep healing and social change. This is a book about the community drumming movement and the power of rhythm to change the world. Part personal musing, part sociological analysis, this is a handbook for using the drum to build community. Readers of this book will come away with information to understand: • the cultural underpinnings of the community drumming movement • how drumming and rhythm may be used as techniques for changing personal consciousness, and for bringing communities together • the relevance of shamanism for modern society • why issues of race, culture, entitlement, and social justice should matter to drummers Complete with guidelines and materials for applying the insights that Morwen has gained to building your own community, Universal Heartbeat speaks eloquently to the common human longing for connection and meaning, and offers some simple yet profound methods for changing our world for the better, one drumbeat at a time.


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