Jimi Two Feathers

Is a skilled teacher, facilitator, and community organizer. A founding member of Dance New England (DNE) as well as Earth Drum Council, he has been creating spaces to drum and dance in community for nearly 40 years. In 1999, Jimi was among the founders of the Concord Neighborhood Network (CNN), organizing for emergency preparedness and neighborhood connections in Concord, Massachusetts where he lives; he was Chair of the Emergency Committee for five years. More recently, he served on the town-appointed West Concord Task Force and then the WC Advisory Committee. He also serves as co-chair and board member of Community Change, Inc., educating about white privilege and systemic racism in the greater Boston area. When he is not drumming or organizing his local community, Jimi builds and repairs computers, unless he is flying, building, or repairing R.C. aircraft.