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EDC Weekend June 9-11, 2006

What is Earth Drum Council Weekend?

EDC Weekend is an opportunity for anyone who loves to drum and dance to get together and learn, share, work and play, express ourselves, and celebrate in community. All skill levels are welcome; EDC Weekend is a great place to come if you’ve never touched a drum before but have always wanted to, while experienced drummers will find a great place to let loose. Every year a mix of old-timers and newcomers gather together around the fire. What we all have in common is that we have been touched by the spirit of the drum and its power to draw us together.

Do I need a drum to come? What type?
Many types of drums are appropriate at the Weekend, with African and Latin (conga) drums predominating. Frame drums, dumbeks, and small percussion are always fun. But there are always extra drums available to play. You don’t need to own a drum to come!

Can I bring my children?
Yes! Children are an important part of the community, and we love having them at the EDC Weekend. We have a small child care staff which provides activities for the kids during workshop periods. Please call us at 978-371-2502 if you are thinking about bringing your children. We'll discuss child care needs and cost with you.

Accommodations are in comfortable Bear Rock lodge (shared rooms with bunk beds), or in your tent or vehicle. Hot showers are available. There is a beautiful lake for swimming and boating, weather permitting. (If you have lifeguard certification, please call us about a reduced registration fee in exchange for serving as a lifeguard for a few hours during the Weekend.) The Camp is right on the Appalachian Trail, with gorgeous views just a few minutes’ hike away.

What about food?
Food is included in the cost of registration, beginning with supper on Friday night and including three meals on Saturday and two on Sunday. We recognize that there are many styles of eating in the community, and have settled on a vegetarian menu with dairy and non-dairy options as the best food plan for us. Please let us know on the registration form if you prefer non-dairy meals. If you have food allergies or special needs regarding food, you must let us know before June 1 to see if we can accommodate you.

How do I get there?
Directions to the site will be sent with confirmation of your registration. There is public transportation to a nearby town; for a small fee we can arrange to pick you up at the bus stop. Please let us know EARLY if you will be taking public transportation so we can coordinate schedules. We can’t promise to come get you at the last minute.

Can I bring crafts to sell?
The community store has been set up to give us the opportunity to support each other, and community members are welcome to bring crafts to sell. The store is open for limited hours, as it is our intention that people come to participate in the Weekend and not primarily for vending. Please contact us before bringing drums to sell. We ask a contribution of 10% of gross sales made at the Weekend to support the Scholarship Fund.

What if I can’t afford to come?
EDC offers partial scholarships to our events, funded by the sliding scale. To apply for a scholarship of up to half the registration fee, please send us a deposit of 50% and a letter explaining why you need a scholarship. All letters will be kept confidential. See Registration Info for more details.

We don’t offer work exchange, because it doesn’t work well for us or for you. Our experience is that when you come to the Weekend you will want to participate in all the activities. We also don’t want to create a class barrier where those with less money don’t get to participate fully because they’re working during workshop times. Instead, we hire staff for key jobs, and ask everyone to contribute service to the community in the kitchen or with the children.

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